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Funny stuff. We hope.

Here’s What Most Definitely (But Didn’t Actually) Caused The Bridgestone Arena Water Main Break

Wrong answers only... or ARE they?



Grading The Best Taxi Squads in History

It might be a new concept for the NHL this season, but taxi squads have a long and distinguished history

Fun Friday: The Jalen Ramsey Odyssey

Let’s put the star cornerback’s quote from 2018 to the test, because why not.

Fun Friday: Reign of the Lukes

This is probably (no, definitely) why the draft went the way it did.

2020 OTF Stanley Cup Mascot Matchups: Play-In Round

What would happen if a real predator and coyote battled it out? Let’s find out.

What If the Nashville Predators Weren’t the Nashville “Predators”?

Who would they be if they weren’t...them?

ICYMI: Hockey Halloween from the Preds

It’s time to get spooky (clap, clap, clap, clap your hands)

All Hail “Rally Tavern,” Your New Hockey Overlord

It’s like Steve Sullivan in mobile-bar form

A Modest (Trade) Proposal [A Satire]

With apologies to Jonathan Swift, Sidney Crosby, and the New York Rangers.

LinkSpeak: Halloween Fun and True Horrors

Like most holidays in the U.S., Halloween can be surprisingly tricky to navigate. Let’s take a look at some the Nashville Predators real winners and losers for Halloween 2016.

Johansen and Jones Meet at Columbus Airport

What a small world.

OTF Nashville Food Tournament SEMIFINAL #2

From the first 50, now we're down to the final 10.

OTF Nashville Food Tournament SEMIFINAL #1

From the first 50, now we're down to the final 10.

OTF Nashville Food Tournament ELIMINATION ROUND

The battle for the last spot in the playoffs.

OTF Nashville Food Tournament (ROUND 2)

We started with 50. Now we're here.

OTF Nashville Food Tournament (ROUND 1) UPDATED

With more and more people from out of town visiting our fair city, we all have recommendations for where these losers should eat.

VOTE: Post-Expansion Realignment Plans

That's right, it's a full on blogger v. blogger BONANZA. And it's not even over Twitter. The Summer Nonsense rolls on.

The OTF Platform for the 2015 Mayoral Election

The Summer Nonsense is here. Rejoice.

Blackhawks v. Wild Preview/Drinking Game

If you're able to stomach more hockey, this is here to help. It's the series preview you deserve and the one you need right now.

Tennessean's Column an Embarrassment


Falling, Scoring Shovel Guy Is Our Spirit Animal

Representative of Nashville and its weather conditions in the best GIF possible.

The Ballad of Filip Scoresberg

In honor of the kid that's transforming the Nashville Predators.

OTF Travel Diary: St. Louis

The infamous OTF gang headed to the junction of the Mississippi and the Missouri for last Saturday's game. It's been a few days, and all parties involved have finally recovered.

Gnash Pies Oilers Fan, Hilarity Ensues

Yeah, don't laugh at someone that just got pied by an NHL mascot.

Preds Players and Halloween: An Analysis

Halloween tells a lot about someone's personality and what their shame level is.

Great Moments in Game Ops: Flames Edition

Fight fire with shame.

James Neal: Boss

That's right. He's the player this team has been needing for a while.

Ken Campbell Kicks a Tiger While He's Down

More proof the national media hates non-traditional markets, or something.

Great Moments in Game Ops: Chapter 4

"New Traditions" don't work on seasoned fans, and neither does forcing athletes to try lip synching. We have the footage to prove this.

Rich Clune Calls Out Twitter Chirper... Literally

Things are never dull when you're a hockey player on social media.

How To Hate: The Central Division [Part 2]

The road ends here, but hate? Hate never ends. Hate is a flat circle.