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Offseason Weekly Dump & Chase: The Road Is Long

It’s nice to see Barkov getting some (more) recognition.

Are there ever losses where the losing side doesn’t say they could’ve converted on more chances? That said: yeah, Bobrovsky isn’t going to get four straight shutouts, and the Oilers have a ton of firepower.


The opposite of exciting!

I think it would’ve been funny if they put the 4 Nations Face-Off in Utah.

Time is absolutely flying past.


This is a fantastic project that will hopefully continue to inspire kids.

Goalies are always a hot commodity.

That’s a fun little thing.

If the Utah Team Name Heres are going to continue doing the exact same things the Arizona Coyotes did, we can probably look forward to the return of the Quebec Nordiques within the next decade.

Maybe they could just pick blue for Action Anxiety Day?

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