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On The Forecheck Podcast Episode 8: Interview with Rachel Doerrie

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Bryan sits down with Rachel Doerrie, former Analyst of Player Information and Video under Coach John Hynes with the New Jersey Devils. Rachel shares her insight working under Hynes, her career in hockey, and what she thinks of the Nashville off-season so far. Rachel provides a great look into a hockey ops department, how teams view analytics, and how communication is among the most important things in a coaching staff. The interview is a great look into how Hynes operates as we look to his first full season as head coach of Nashville Predators.

You can find Rachel on Twitter at @RachelDoerrie, and Bryan at @BryanBastin.

Also big thank you to all our fans and followers on Twitter at our show account @ForecastPod. You all helped us grow to 250 followers in rapid fashion, and we can’t thank you enough. Spread the word, and continue being great!

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