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On the Forecheck Does Movember: Two Weeks In

We are now in our second week of Movember, and our mustaches have continued to blossom. Check out our first post here to learn a little more about what Movember is all about and to see our pictures from the first week. Then, check out our Movember team to donate.

I will keep this one short because I know you all just come here for the great looking facial hair anyways. Make sure to vote on the poll, or don’t, it’s a voluntary system. I tried to add a second poll asking who had the worst mustache, but SB Nation only gives us one poll option, and I thought I should keep it civil. Without further adieu, the mustaches for Week 2:

Anish Patel

Braden Thompson

Jonathan Garcia

Jeremy Sargent

After two weeks, who has the best looking mustache?

Anish Patel 39
Braden Thompson 7
Jonathan Garcia 6

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