On The Forecheck Did Movember: Week 4

We are in our final week of Movember. For some, the mustaches have only improved and flourished over time. For others, the end of Movember brings a merciful end to some awfully brutal excuses for mustaches.

Donations have increased greatly since our last update, up $250 from last week's total. There's still time to donate so check out our team page if you feel so inclined. Even after November passes, the need to confront challenging men's health issues will be present. Let's celebrate what we have done this month by not forgetting the year round importance it serves.

Alas, the final week wouldn't be complete without checking in on our mustaches. Anish looks to have taken the crown as best looking mustache, Jeremy finally has a true mustache flourishing amongst the rest of his beard, Jonathan has been doing his best Erik Karlsson imitation, and I (Braden) cannot wait to shave off this excuse for a mustache. Let's take a look:

Anish Patel

Braden Thompson

Jonathan Garcia

Jeremy Sargent

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Who finished the month with the best mustache?

Anish Patel20
(Not) Braden Thompson9
Jonathan Garcia1
Jeremy Sargent33