On The Forecheck Podcast, Ep. 26: ‘Tis The Season Pause

Come for the Colton Sissons praise, stay for the Christmas movie debate

A new edition of the On The Forecheck Podcast is live, and this one has us in a festive mood.

As a holiday treat, Nick and Shaun were asked to rank their Top Five Christmas movies of all time, which leads to an intense debate over Christmas Vacation vs. Jingle All The Way.

But there’s also plenty of hockey talk to get to before that. The OTF crew takes an in-depth look at how the Preds have managed to rattle off seven straight wins amidst the Covid-19 chaos. With topics like....

  • Why “team identity” allowed the Preds to thrive despite losing several top stars to Covid protocol or injury.
  • Why Colton Sissons and Tanner Jeannot were the Preds’ MVPs from the past week.
  • Why the NHL’s handling of the latest omicron outbreak is disastrous.
  • Will NHL teams take a peak at Karl Taylor’s availability this offseason?/

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