On The Forecheck Podcast Episode 17: A Very Gud Trade Deadline

On the lates episode, the OTF crew breaks down the highs and lows of the trade deadline, and weighs in on David Poile’s newfound optimism

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Remember those four weeks or so we all thought the Nashville Predators were going to be significant sellers at the trade deadline?

What a difference a month makes, right?!

In this week’s episode of the On The Forecheck podcast, Nick, Kate, and Shaun discuss David Poile’s newfound optimism of the team’s roster, his decision to hang on to his pending free agents, and if the Erik Gudbranson addition is REALLY worth all of that internet fuss it’s been getting.

The crew also breaks down the Preds’ playoff chances moving forward, which of the Central’s “Big Three” we’d rather see in the first round, and — of course — the winners and losers of the NHL Trade Deadline.

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