On The Forecheck Podcast Episode 9: Reverse Retro Review - Part 1

Bryan, Bobby, Shaun and Nick cover a little bit of news, and a whole lot of jersey/sweater chat

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Bryan, Nick and Shaun are joined by longtime OTF contributor Bobby Misey as we do a quick rundown of the tiny bit of news for the Predators that came out over the last month, then we jump right in to discuss the most important matter at hand: the Reverse Retro jerseys.  Or sweaters.  I’m still not sure, but one of the two definitely makes Bobby mad.  In the first of our two part review, we take a look at the Metro, Atlantic and Pacific divisions, talk about our personal best and worst, and try to come to a consensus.

Also, Shaun unveils his HIGHLY scientific jersey evaluation system.  I’m being completely serious when I say that it might be the most impressive thing I’ve heard anyone do on this podcast ever.

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Stay tuned for part 2 on Friday morning, as we discuss the Central division, go in-depth on the Predators sweaters and try to justify where we’d fit them in among the franchise’s 12 different varieties.

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P.S.  Bryan mentioned this video in the episode.  Please, check it out: