OTF Nashville Predators' Player Report Cards: Colton Sissons

Next in line to receive their 2015-16 season report card is Colton Sissons.

The Basics

Colton Sissons can breath easy going into the 2016-2017 season after the Predators signed him to a three-year, $1.875 million contract earlier this year. He's played a total of 51 games with the Predators franchise as he enters this upcoming season with high hopes of making a greater impact on the ice.

Sissons played 34 games during the 2015-2016 season as he collected four goals and two assists. Playing on the fourth line will not produce many eye opening statistics, but Sissons made his presence known with his fast style of play and fearless attitude. If there is an argument or late hit you better believe Sissons will be right in the middle, and if he's not, then it's in the best interest of the opposing player to take a long hard look over his shoulder.

There is no denying his skill set on the ice, but with a new contract in hand Sissons will have to prove to the NHL that he belongs in the league on a more consistent basis.

Best Moment Of The Season

On March 3, 2016 Sissons had his best statistical performance of his young career against the Winnipeg Jets. He put one in the net and came away with one assist in 9:02 of ice time. This is what you want to see from a young player trying to gain some confidence in the NHL.

Worst Moment Of The Season

Watching an injury occur will make any fan go quiet. When Sissons slid into San Jose’s net it looked like a normal fall, but when the replay booth slowed the footage down you could see his leg bend in a direction that looked very uncomfortable.

Looking back at his injury it made you cringe, but to everyone’s surprise he returned to the game. Most players wouldn't have come back into the game after their leg bent in the opposite direction. Sissons' injury would've side lined Derrick Rose for at least six years. Sissons is flat out tough.

Trending up or down?

Sissons had his moments on the ice this past season as he showed flashes of what he's capable of with his toughness and speed. His aggression, passion, and "go get" attitude has the respect of the fans and most importantly his teammates. When you fear no one you're competing against your trend doesn't decline, it can only go up.

Final Grade: C+

Like most young players in any sport it can take time to adjust to life as a professional, but Sissons playing time will likely increase this upcoming season after signing a new contract. He did some great things during last season as well as some boneheaded mistakes, which leaves room to grow.

There's always room for improvement, and that's why a C+ is the perfect grade for Sissons.

The entire OTF staff will put their thoughts together and voice their opinions on player grades at the conclusion of this series of articles.

How would you grade Colton Sissons' performance this season?

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