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OTF Roundtable Chats

OTF Roundtable: Nashville Predators waive Eeli Tolvanen

The Forecheck staff sat down to share our thoughts, questions and emotions about Eeli Tolvanen heading to the Seattle Kraken after being waived by the Predators Sunday.

OTF Roundtable: The Preds at the Midway Point

Our contributors tackle the Preds’ MVP pick, trade deadline strategy, Forsberg’s future, and more!

OTF Roundtable: Predators 2021 Season Predictions

The OTF staff talks about what we expect from the team this year.

OTF Roundtable: Mikael Granlund Returns to Nashville

The Finnish forward is back in the fold, and our OTF staff debates how much impact he’ll have with the Preds in 2021

OTF Roundtable: Nashville Predators Postseason Predictions

The OTF Staff Predicts: The 2020 Postseason

Our staff takes a look around the league and speculates on how the postseason will go.

OTF Roundtable: The Predators’ Biggest Rival

The OTF staff gathers for a chat about teams we hate, teams we love to hate, and teams the team we love hates.

OTF Roundtable: Choose Your Character

Which player from an eliminated team should the Preds add to their roster for the playoffs, if they could?

On The Forecheck’s 2019-20 NHL Awards: Part 2

The conclusion of On The Forecheck’s awards.

On The Forecheck’s 2019-20 NHL Awards: Part 1

The OTF staff voted for the NHL’s major awards—here’s part one

OTF Roundtable: We React to the Preds’ Firings of Peter Laviolette & Kevin McCarthy

OTF Roundtable: Is Kyle Turris Doomed?

Doomed to leave Nashville, anyway. We don’t presume to weigh in on any more cosmic concerns.

October Roundtable: The OTF Staff Talks Roman Josi’s Contract

We share our opinions about the captain’s extension. Or, if you’re going to get technical, the captain’s new contract which is totally different from his old contract while following from it in an uninterrupted way.

What went wrong with Kyle Turris, and where do we go from here?

We settled in to debate about what was wrong with Kyle Turris, and shortly discovered that we were all, more or less, in agreement.