OTF Visits The Lexus Lounge

[sings] Well we're movin' on up... to the Lexus Lounge.

On Tuesday night vs. the Lightning, I was lucky enough to gain access to the Lexus Lounge thanks to an incredible co-worker of my wife (thanks Jon and Wendy!). While the game was incredible, the highlight of the night for us was the Lexus Lounge experience.

In case you've never had the privilege of visiting the Lexus Lounge, it's located on the "Performers Level" which is below the "old" pro shop near the Broadway entrance. According to the link, the lounge is...

...a new, private 450 member oasis that will transform Bridgestone Arena and the way fans experience live sports and entertainment.

Located on the Performers Level, the Lexus Lounge includes a membership roster of the who's who that help shape Nashville's music, business and political climates. This exclusive club provides an unparalleled experience of luxury, relaxation and excitement with unprecedented access to players and other VIPs.

In other words, it's amazing. Free food, free drinks, a million screens to watch the game (including a massive, "ice-level" wide screen view of the game), plenty of seating (in comfy chairs), and a front row view to the player's entrance as they proceed toward the giant Predator head.

The pictures at the previous link are pretty wicked, but here is a convenient OTF tour of the lounge itself. First, when you walk in, it's impossible not to notice the giant "ice level" screen over the main bar on the right.

On the left as you enter is Bar #2 with some wonderful hors d'oeuvres and comfy seats.

There are about 3 or 4 food buffets with different themes scattered throughout. One had your pork products basically covered... Cuban sandwiches, hot dogs, roast pork loin, and the like. This one had primarily chicken, as well as some hearty carrot and squash soup.

There are several bars, all serving free drinks. While I wasn't joining in on the free booze this evening, all the liquor seemed to be mid-shelf or higher.

I most definitely joined in on the fudge torts and oatmeal creme pies, though. Multiple times.

Oh and everyone gets a free Lexus. Forgot to mention that.

And finally, at the far end of the lounge is The Door... where the players leave the locker room on their way to the ice before the game and in between periods.

Here they are doing exactly that!

As someone who did not pay a dime to get into this magical place, I cannot speak for whether it delivers on what it costs (check this link for pricing, though you will have to call to get exact prices). But if you get an opportunity to attend a game with Lexus Lounge access, do not pass it up. CHANGE YO LIFE.