P.K. Subban's Top Primary Assists During The 2015-16 Season

In case you missed it, the Nashville Predators traded for this guy named P.K. Subban. Watch this stuff.

Yes, P.K. Subban scored six goals last season. Yes, he has an elite level slapshot. But how about we take a look at his top primary assists during the 2015-16 campaign. After all, he did have 45 helpers in 68 games last season.

Let's not put these in any particular order.

Sit back, relax and do something to get October here as soon as possible.

That's Called A Stretch Pass

A Slap Pass? Yep, Subbans Got That

Oh, That's Nifty

Setting His Teammate Up For An OT Winner

Just A Simple Little Dink Pass

I Call This The Toe Drag

All The Way Across

Alex Killorn Is Still Looking For His Ankles

October, get here as fast as you want. Nashville fans are ready for you.