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How to Buy Discounted Nashville Predators Tickets

We can help you save money on tickets to Nashville Predators games, so if you want to go down to Bridgestone Arena and take in the Smashville atmosphere for yourself, read on!

For discount tickets to any Nashville Predators home game during the regular season, readers of On The Forecheck can use the special coupon code "PREDS" and follow this link to order them online. This is through a program sponsored by the team*, in which season ticket holders like myself are encouraged to help fans get in the door and experience the excitement at Bridgestone Arena for themselves.

How can I save on Nashville Predators tickets?

The Predators are using a new dynamic pricing model that raises prices as home games approach a sellout, but when you buy using the OTF Discount, (and remember to use the offer code "PREDS"), you pay a reduced rate that never goes up!

The starting prices for all 2013-14 regular season games are below (for list of Gold vs Blue games, see the bottom of this post):



Seat Type

You Pay

Savings OFF Gate Rate

You Pay

Savings OFF Gate Rate

All Inclusive Zone


Up to $33


Up to $23

Premium Lower Bowl


Up to $23


Up to $23

Lower Bowl


Up to $21


Up to $20

Lower Bowl Endzone


Up to $21


Up to $25

Sideline Club Level Seats


Up to $31


Up to $23

Shoot Once Club Seats


Up to $11


Up to $17

Twice Daily Family Menu


Up to $20


Up to $15

Lower Sideline Balcony


Up to $11


Up to $19

Sideline Balcony


Up to $10


Up to $9

Goal Zone


Up to $10


Up to $10

Upper Goal Zone


Up to $7


Up to $7

How do I use this coupon code for Nashville Predators games?

Again, you have to click on this link to enter the Nashville Predators' ticket purchasing site, and enter the discount code "PREDS". That will trigger the system to apply the reduced rate rather than the increased prices that you'd otherwise have to pay.

And don't forget to review our discussion of the best places to go in Nashville before & after a Predators game!

*The program is called the Ambassadors Club, under which season ticket holders can offer discounts to other people and help sell tickets. A commission for each ticket sold goes into my season ticket account, so I wanted to let you know in the interest of full disclosure!

Nashville Predators Schedule - Gold & Blue Games





March 4, 2014

Pittsburgh Penguins


March 6, 2014

St. Louis Blues


March 8, 2014

Columbus Blue Jackets


March 15, 2014

St. Louis Blues


March 25, 2014

Colorado Avalanche


March 27, 2014

Buffalo Sabres


March 30, 2014

Washington Capitals


April 10, 2014

Phoenix Coyotes