Poll: What's the best way for the Predators to end their ugly losing streak?

An exploration into the way in which the Nashville Predators can solve their current funk and turn things around as voted on by the fans of the team: the greatest collection of scientific minds, superstitious patrons, hockey gods martyrs and Chicken Littles.

This article should have a preface that this is entirely a work of hyperbole and a little humor within a time period where Predator fans could use a laugh, smirk or a slight upturn of the side of the mouth. Enjoy.

What can be done to fix the Predators?

Complete rest for the team7
Sit Rinne, start Hutton13
Replace Nickelback dasherboard ad with a picture of a dog for Pedigree53
Burn sage, turn around three times while spitting0
Break a wishbone with the face of a Blackhawk/Blues fan6
Unleash Angry Shea, replace all Plexiglass and nets after pucks disintegrate them similar to Magneto breaking out of plastic prison28
Call up Viktor Stalberg to give the team some speed10
Call up Viktor Stalberg to give the team another scapegoat7
Back a Brink's truck up to Mitch Korn's house1
Switch all line combinations via one-armed bandit method0
Ooo Eee Ooo Ah Ah, Ching Chang Walla Walla Bing Bang10
Sit Franson10
Sit Santorelli5
Sit both Franson and Santorelli14
Have Rinne switch back to his old mask...oh wait...he did..Damnit1
Send Jarnkrok and Jones to Milwaukee for conditioning assignment20
Be patient, relax and remember that the Preds have a similar record to the Hurricanes when they won the Cup with Laviolette18
Hijack a #1 center from somewhere, anywhere...NHL trade deadline be damned.4
Just let Forsberg do Forsberg things17
Clone Wayne Gretzky3
Clone early season Pekka Rinne4
Call a Lavy timeout on the season until the Predators can collect themselves10
Have the NHL ban playing the trap system8
Loser points for regulation losses2
Never, EVER touch the Stanley Cup when it is showcased at Ford Ice Center...EVER16
Schedule a team cry8
Everybody wears a Tennessee Top Hat4
Something involving hot chicken4
Work it in to the plot line of Nashville. Maybe the writers at ABC can come up with something5
Turn the difficulty down13
Call Winston Wolf.15