Predators in the Wild: Summer Edition II

The summer sequel you weren’t waiting for, weren’t hoping for, but are going to read anyways, has arrived.

Previously on Predators in the Wild...Summer Edition.

Endless Summer

In a world where the Nashville Predators played hockey until June, it still feels like it’s been 976 days since hockey season ended.

You’ve been on vacation.

You’ve taken up hobbies.

You’ve obsessively scrolled the internet for any relevant hockey information you can find.

You’ve caught up on summer reading.

You’ve watched so many big box office movies your inner thoughts sound like an overdramatic movie trailer narration.

And now you’re realizing I’ve written this in that same overdramatic movie trailer narration voice and you’re going to read the rest of this in that same voice.’s only August and things have gotten...weird.

The Netflix Effect

Unfortunately the cycle of an NHL season doesn’t have a clear beginning and end like a movie. No. Being a hockey fan isn’t that easy. Hockey is an investment. When you become dedicated to a team it’s like a never-ending Netflix binge. Only hockey doesn’t ask you if you’re still watching, because hockey doesn’t care.

The off-season is the equivalent of a post Netflix Binge-binge. You just wrapped up nine seasons of a great show, and now you’re binge watching four seasons of some obscure show someone told you was great but you’re just not that invested because you’re still too busy thinking about how great that other show was.

You just wrapped up nine months of hockey, and now you have four months of summer you’re just not that invested in because you’re still too busy thinking about how great hockey season was.

That is, if you’re a Nashville Predators fan.*

*Don’t @ me Pittsburgh fans, you won a cup and you’re still miserable.


We’ve said our goodbyes to some fan favorites. Admittedly, we’re still a little sour about losing James Neal to Vegas but we’re trying to pull ourselves together.

Just when it felt like we reeled our emotions in. We composed ourselves and were ready to continue facing a hockeyless world head on, suddenly, hockey wasn’t done with us.

After 17 seasons in the NHL, Captain Mike Fisher announced his retirement. It was a long-standing question throughout the season, but I don’t think anyone actually expected Fish to retire. While we probably all saw it coming, it was still a bit surprising.

Thanks, Captain. 💛 Mike Fisher announces retirement in heartfelt letter to fans. Link in bio.

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While it stings to see such a great person go, retirement seems to be treating Mike well. In true Fisher form, he’s not wasting any time.

A true class act. Thanks for the memories, Mike. We’ll be seein’ ya!

Of course you know what they say...when one door closes another one opens.

When one Captain retires...

...another Captain...

...will be selected accordingly*

*Will hopefully be named Ryan Ellis or Roman Josi.

Returning Acts

After a few weeks and a lot of speculation the Preds finally re-signed a few guys.

The Supporting Act:

Austin Watson is back for three more seasons and we're all like 😃😄😁😆

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Austin Watson is back for three more season.

The Young Gun:

Everyone’s favorite Swedish bulldog is back for seven more seasons of exuberant victory cellies!

The Leading Man:

Eight more seasons of RyJo being... RyJo! Which can only mean...

When mom tries to wake me up too early 🙄😴

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...eight more seasons of this guy!

Saturdays are for the boys 🍺

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Doug’s just here to steal the show.

Bonus Features

While we wait to finally hit that pre-production (A.K.A Training Camp) stage of the hockey/Netflix/movie cycle analogy I’ve concocted we finally have some time to check in with our other series favorites.

Lilla monstret ❤️

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It should be illegal for a baby to be that cute. Also, how did you get your hair that big, Aberg?

Rough start to the tennis season. 0-2😒 #chummjetzt

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Roman Josi is playing tennis again. Apparently not well by the looks of things. Remain calm! He probably won’t be quitting his day job anytime soon.

Fil is stoked about more seasons of JOFA just like the rest of us. Viva la JOFA!


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P.K. might drop the mint-freshest mixtape Canada has ever heard.

Late night bath with my sea lions🐢🐙🐳

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Fiala is back on two legs and test shooting for the new season of Nashville’s Next Top Model.

Meanwhile...Pekka is actually modeling? Insta-modeling? What are you doing Pekka?

Sunday family cruise 🚤😎

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Matt Duchene taking in a little Sunday...oh wait...uh...well this is awkward.

I told you things were getting weird.

Flashback Friday


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We’ll always have 2016.