Predators Performance, Week 1: More Wins than Losses

Your weekly decision of the best (or worst) players on the ice.

The first five games of Nashville's season are in the books. We still may not know exactly what type of team the Predators are, thanks to a mostly easy schedule, but we can certainly look at the individual performances of the guys on the ice thus far.

Sharpen those knives or ready your hands for many back pats, as we'll plan on doing this every week.

You're familiar with Ranker as it pertains to both food and hockey players. If a skater impressed you over the games in our sample, give him a thumbs up. If he didn't, click that thumbs down. Abstaining from a vote is totally OK, especially if a player didn't stand out, or just didn't play enough. (Viktor Arvidsson may fit that mold this time out.) We've also included the coach, for his decisions matter just as much.

Please feel free to justify your choices in the comments.

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