PREDCAST Season 4 Episode 11: The Really Thorough Episode

Simply, it's the most thorough episode we've ever done. It's also nearly two hours. We broke down the real trade scenarios and the expectations for the front office to get something done. You'll want to listen to this one. Promise.


  • We spent a lot of time talking about the PK. That's not a good thing. When a show spends a lot of time talking about a special teams unit, that's never a good thing.
  • We opened that door regarding Shea Weber.
  • We made a Game of Thrones reference that Link missed so hard.
  • Fun With Index Cards returned, and we discussed some trade options for Nashville with a legit expectation of how much it would cost to acquire such assets (Ryan Johansen, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Matt Duchene (not happening), and other options). Chances are that none of this is happening. And that sucks.
  • "Cuukvull'h".
  • Lunch places.
  • Link rants like hell on some other restaurants.
  • The usual praise for Calle Jarnkrok, Colton Sissons, and Austin Watson.

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Enjoy the show. Thanks for all of your kind words.