PREDCAST Season 4 Episode 15: The Return of Fun

We missed fun. We're glad to have it back.


  • We chatted about how awesome it is to have a legit first line, and decent second line.
  • Really, we used the words "come at me, bro".
  • Even we had to talk about the Titans' coaching hire. We likened it to some hockey hires.
  • We dived into some PK numbers, and who is good at what. Spoiler: Ryan Ellis should be playing more.
  • We recapped a better week of hockey, with a smile on our faces.
  • I shared my old pregame ritual. In a related story, I can no longer drink beer like I used to.
  • We talked about the goaltending situation. Rinne could stand to learn from Hutton.
  • We felt bad for John Scott.
  • We answered a metric tonne of your questions. Thank you all immensely.
  • Filip Forsberg needs his own hype mad with a bullhorn.
  • The usual praise for Miikka Salomaki and Colton Sissons. And lots of praise for Kevin Fiala.

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Enjoy the show. Thanks for all of your kind words.