PREDCAST Season 4 Episode 2: August and Everything After

Because nothing captures the essence of whiny hockey fans complaining about summer better than a show title stolen from a Counting Crows album. Nothing.

Jon, Link, and Dan (me) sat down at the oaken table for another bout of hockey, banter, and enlightenment. We figured it was time you people heard more from the lovable band of opinionated jerks gathering around microphones somewhere on the east side of Nashville.

In this episode:

  • The intro
  • Recap of what all that's happened this summer
  • Contracts to Craig Smith, Colin Wilson, Calle Jarnkrok
  • 5TQ's
  • Ranking the NHL front offices
  • Shea Weber vs Microsoft Excel
  • Awesome obscure music selections
  • Chris Link being sad encouraged about the Flyers
  • Jon Garcia being content with the Capitals
  • Dan Bradley being indignant about the State of Florida

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