PREDCAST Season 4 Episode 4: 3-0-0 and Not Even Happy About It

The show that's worthy of the Handsome Men's Club.


  • We gripe about the team's start.
  • Really.
  • They're undefeated at the time of recording and we did that.
  • But for good reason.
  • We also answered your questions. And we spoke of a coach that may be on the hot seat very early in the year.
  • Plus: lunch meats, a trip to Knoxville, and the Isles' ill-fated goal horn experiment./

Also, iTunes, TuneIn and Stitcher? Yep. All coming back. We decided to "Go Pro" with Soundcloud, which generates the RSS feed to update those. We'll pass the plate around in a few minutes for your tithes.


The show is back on Stitcher. And now on PocketCasts. And now iTunes. Cool! Waiting on TuneIn to update.

Enjoy the show. Thanks for all your kind words.