Predators SVP Gerry Helper interview with Greg Pogue

Chances are you missed a hidden gem of hockey talk over the weekend.

Nashville Predators SVP of Hockey Communications and PR Gerry Helper took part in Greg Pogue's One on One show over the weekend, and dropped some very good knowledge about the team and the organization itself. Helper has been with the team since 1997, and assisted the Tampa Bay Lightning becoming a more visible franchise across the NHL. So as far as "people in the know" are concerned with this team, Helper is one of the names at the top of the list. He also works with the Predators Foundation and the local government/sports council.

Helper explains the impact of the hockey side of the equation to the business side, such as the Barry Trotz to Peter Laviolette coaching change, the Mike Fisher trade, etc. And yes, they discuss the All-Star Weekend.

I highly encourage you to give this a listen. It's some great insight into the organization from a side we don't see a lot from.