Preds Players and Halloween: An Analysis

Halloween tells a lot about someone's personality and what their shame level is.

Friend of the blog, Thomas Willis, posted an awesome Halloween-themed article on the Preds' website. He asked several players three questions about candy, costumes, and impersonations. We have selected a few to analyze, but feel free to go deeper in the comments section.

Filip Forsberg

Impersonation: "I would probably be Mike Ribeiro and wear my hat [to the side], because that’s how he always wear his hat."

Analysis: Prince Filip is about as honest as it gets. And his English is perfect for a young Swedish prodigy who has yet to be corrupted by the Canadian media. He best.

Derek Roy

Costume: "Best costume, I went as ultimate warrior one year, I just went all out and it was pretty intense."

Analysis: Derek was either trying to be cool in 1991, or was completely shameless anytime afterwards. I tend to imagine it's the latter. If he could pull it off though, that's one of those things you just tip your hat to.

Olli Jokinen

Impersonation: "I’d probably dress up as ‘Ribs.’ Get a lot of necklaces, a couple earrings, sunglasses and nice jeans."

Analysis: Olli has known of this Ribeiro character for a while, and has been waiting for this. Chances are that he knows of the chain wallet and the Christian Rock singer hat, but he's being subtle. Crafty veteran move, Olli.

Shea Weber

Costume: "I liked my Ninja Turtles one from last year."

Analysis: He has something he's hiding. He probably had some awesome Johnny Canuck costume when he was 20, but can't mention it because of the storm that would unleash. Shea knows the drill.

Roman Josi

Costume: "My worst was I was a Teletubby once. Actually that might be my best. Actually my worst was probably two years ago in Bern, [Switzerland]. Like those tight suits, like the "Green Men in Vancouver," it was just uncomfortable."

Analysis: Contrary to popular belief, not all European men go by the mantra "Suffer and be Beautiful". Josi gets it. But I think anybody going as a Teletubby two years ago in a tight suit has different intentions.

Colin Wilson

Impersonation: "I’d go as Roman Josi and I’d wear a lot of deep-cut shirts, deep crew necks and really tight pants."

Analysis: Well, that completely screws with the last bit of analysis. Josi would be more comfortable in Wrangler, so we're told.

Your winner in this sea of awkwardness:

Viktor Stalberg

Favorite Candy: "We don’t really celebrate Halloween in Sweden, so it’s been kind of a new thing for me. I’ve been eating a lot of M&Ms at parties recently."

Costume: "I went as Bruno one year. That was a mistake. One of my best was going as Will Ferrell’s character from Semi-Pro, however."

Impersonation: "Jokinen for sure. Just go buy a girl’s wig and you’re all set."

Analysis: This is a cry for help. He just told us that he's stress eating at parties, and dressing up as Will Ferrell. Then he's throwing shade at a competent third line winger.