Friday Afternoon Clips & Notes: A better place

And if you haven't heard Pete Weber's goal call.... grab some headphones. Plus, some custom video highlights!

A big thanks for this goes to our friends at NBC. After every goal, we get an emailed highlight sent to us from NBC with an embedded video code, and that's awesome. So with a couple keystrokes, we can share those as well.

Even though you have seen it probably, here's Fisher's goal:

Not going to get tired of that one. Ever.

But let's have some fun... here's Pete Weber's call. If you start Weber's audio 2 seconds before the video... it's close to a sync.

Also, the reaction on social media was awesome as well:

I'm pretty sure you see a bit of the black aces at the tail end of that video. This is going to be a great job shadowing experience for them.

How about some fan videos?


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And the best one of the night? Michael Roos, former Titans left tackle who happened to be one of the best in the league, recorded this:

This is what it looks like to Win in triple OT in smashville! #gopreds @predsnhl

A video posted by michaelroos (@michaelroos) on

Awesome. Go figure that an NFL lineman got a great video due to his stature and sense of timing. Thanks, Mike.


That leads me into a thought for this afternoon: The Titans. A while back, a scoreboard skit involving Gnash and a van showed him driving around Nashville, and he picked up the Titans mascot T-Rac. The crowd gave a very mixed reaction. And for quite a while, probably since 2010ish, the Preds and Titans fans have been a bit more divided than they should be.

There's a couple reasons for this schism between two organizations' fanbases over the years. It starts with the media, specifically the radio media. In Nashville's situation, having a few folks in power that refused to learn the game and refused to generate content on the game didn't do the Preds or it's fans any favors. No, it's not football. It's not trying to be football. It doesn't have to be football. And that's okay.

The team's promotional strategies also wore thin and seemed minor league to more seasoned media types, who were used to established teams (basically, the Titans and Vols) not resorting to desperate tactics in order to fill the building. So for a while, the football-based media didn't take the team seriously. It's easy to understand both sides, as awkward of a reality as that is.

What cures all of that? Winning. And not just "flash in the pan" winning, it's committing to winning. And for the first time in a long, long time... both teams have laid the foundation to be very, very good for a while.

So when Marcus Mariota came out for game three to get the place amped up, and several Titans past and present are in attendance, that's some welcome progress. Perhaps the Titans are recognizing the Predators no longer as direct competition for their entertainment dollar, but more as a market they can tap into. Plenty of people have soured on the Titans over the years due to bad management, bad fan experience, and other reasons. And as bad as the Preds were a couple years ago, those two things weren't an issue in Nashville.

When it comes to the NFL, the Titans aren't my first team. It's nothing personal anymore (I got tired of defending Vince Young & Pac-Man when I was living in Florida, had a blast at Saints & Jaguars games and jumped ship), and I don't hate them. But it's hard not to notice that there's some actual commitment starting to take shape on the other side of the river, and the Titans are going to be a fun team to watch grow up over the next two to three years. All of that to say: I appreciate what they're doing. It's awesome. Since when have we seen this kind of buy-in from the Titans regarding the Predators?

That's awesome. I know plenty of Titans individually do attend Preds games and such, but it is nice seeing this level of public support. I don't care what the motivation is behind it, and I don't care who started it, I'm just glad it's there. Again, this area isn't big enough for the two sides not to support each other.


Let's get to the news and stuff:

Adam Vingan joined 102.5 this afternoon....

....right as Robby Stanley was on 104.5. Same time, different stations. That's some big league stuff.

For the heck of it, Stu Grimson was on the Wake Up Zone this morning.

And this may be my favorite audio clip today. This is from the Bill King Show; a college sports show that focuses on Football. Our friend Charlie Saunier is the the producer, and he's spread the gospel onto this program.

Want a great read this afternoon?

In the Wee Small Hours: Preds Pull Off Early Morning Miracle | Pith in the Wind | Nashville Scene
Masterful work by J.R. Lind, per the norm. Glad to see Steamboat vs. Flair got some love in there.

And now: the extended highlight. We asked NBC to provide us a clip from the last TV timeout, coming back from commercial. Chris Cuthbert, one of the deans of the TSN broadcast corps, nailed it. This part needed to be relived. Let's sit back and enjoy this one before we move on to game five.

And one last thing: