Reports: Vesey's Representatives informed the Preds before the Trade Deadline, will sign with the Bruins

None of this should be a shocker, given what we already know.

Firstly, if you weren't expecting Vesey's camp to refute what David Poile, Paul Fenton, Scott Nichol and Jeff Kealty have all said... the joke is on you.

Secondly, of course the Bruins were among the favorites to sign Jimmy Vesey once the August deadline passes.

I honestly wanted him to sign in Toronto, just for the tampering case. I imagine most of the 28 other GMs would have backed Poile. But sad Leafs fans are the best Leafs fans, and thankfully few of us have ever known anything different.

The curious part is this: how and why does this get leaked now? This might torpedo any hope of trading his rights to another team, but that would've likely only landed a 4th round pick or something of the like.

At least now the front office has started to receive some closure on this front, and now can get back to focusing on the task at hand and prepare for the upcoming draft.


Never once does this statement deny that Vesey or Vesey's father spoke with Poile, Fenton, Kealty, or Nichol directly.