Rich Clune calls out Twitter chirper... literally

"#16 in your program, #1 in your heart."

Being an athlete (or any other public figure) on Twitter probably isn't easy. You have people chirping you all the time, picking apart everything you send out, and have a platform for scores of idiots to try and hurt your feelings.

Rich Clune has been pretty open about his substance abuse problems, his friendship with Sean Avery, and just about everything else in his life. Most recently, there was a "feud" between Avery, Clune and boxer Riddick Bowe. Apparently, a guy on Twitter decided to chirp Dicky, and tell him he hopes he goes back to rehab. Ouch.

Clune, ever the optimist, decided to call said chirper who, for some reason, has his phone number available for the world. The results are amazing.

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This could have been super ugly, but after some initial jawing and heckling, Clune forgives Mark, who also repeatedly apologizes for his comments. Let that be a lesson to you, fellow tweeters. Some hockey players will call you out on the Internet. Others will just plain call you. Don't make fun of recovering addicts, kids.

The only thing that was missing was after Clune was coaxing Mark into saying his name?