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Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Farewell, Optimus Klein

Nashville Predators News

Nashville singer doesn’t want to be associated with Preds anymore
Dennis K. Morgan, our former anthem singer, wants to share his side of the story with you and clear his own name. Presented without comment. Please chime in with your opinions below! (but seriously, listen to it first)

Preds 2017 first-rounder Tolvanen will play in the KHL next season
Tolvanen will play for Jokerit Helsinki to begin his journey to the NHL. Do I see a jersey purchase in my future?

Nick Bonino in Nashville | NHL.com
I speculated on Free Agency Eve that he may wind up back in Nashville as a Predator. Well, he’s here! Here’s his press conference. If you want to hear from the man himself, check this out. Personally, I think he seems like a good dude. He’s confident, but not cocky. My current mission in life is to eat catfish with him. Let’s make it happen!

P.K. Subban was at Andrei Markov’s wedding, and now we’re crying | Montreal Gazette

I find it interesting that they note how P.K.’s presence didn’t seem to be a distraction. Are they crying because they miss him? Oh, Montreal, to quote Cinderella, “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone”.

The Latest on the Matt Duchene Trade Talks – Mile High Hockey

Duchene rumors and conspiracy theories are still swirling. Are the Preds still in the hunt? If so, who does Colorado want? Get some answers here!

Other Hockey News

Best remaining unrestricted free agents
JAGRWATCH: DAY 7 – Let’s do what we can to bring this legend to Nashville. Think of the bobbleheads! Think of the jerseys! Think of what this could do for the mullet! Start (re)growing yours today!

Rangers defenseman Kevin Klein retires from NHL
Long time Predator, short time Ranger, and fellow mohawk enthusiast steps out with one year left on his contract.

Главная (Home) | The Players’ Tribune

Everyone in Smashville got a little dust in their eyes reading Pekka’s article the other day, but I scrolled down further and was captivated by this article by Vladimir Tarasenko. He details his upbringing in Russia and first years in the NHL. He also stirs up more dust by discussing his heartwarming friendship with one of his young fans. This piece humanizes a guy who I, admittedly, said some terrible, terrible things about in front of family and friends during the playoffs. (bonus: read this in a Russian accent)

Welcome to the Bandwagon!

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Hockey 101: Hockey Penalties, Defining the Different Types
Before we even get into specific penalties, we need to understand the types of penalties. Majors, minors, double minors, bench minors, match penalties, misconduct, game misconduct. You’ll hear them all called before the end of October; go ahead and learn what they are now!

United States ice hockey structure – Wikipedia
If you ever hear of someone being “sent down” or “called up” and wonder what it means, this is the best answer I could find. Yes, I know this is from Wikipedia and as an English teacher I know what I should say about sources. However, this entry covers it all and has the references to back it up.

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