Saturday's Dump & Chase: Let's Go Preds!

The Nashville Predators have given their fans and their city more to cheer about than anything in quite a while. Despite the unlucky blow of losing Ryan Johansen to injury, it's time to pay that back by continuing to LOUDLY and PROUDLY cheer them on through thick and thin.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Predators' Ryan Johansen out for the remainder of the playoffs with injury | FOX Sports
Get well soon Joey! We'll need you for next season's cup run.

Nashville Predators Welcome Kelly Clarkson for National Anthem | CMT
Kelly Clarkson really missed the "brave" note, but she was great other than that. Her video on the jumbo tron dancing with her baby strapped to her chest was priceless.

Nashville Goes Nuts For Hockey And The Predators | NPR
When even NPR is covering your team that's pretty big.

Nashville’s successful arena example of what Calgary could enjoy | Calgary Herald
You know you're doing it right when Canadian hockey teams are looking to copy aspects of your team. The Preds Hockey Ops staff is da bomb!

Kings of Leon lead singer *tried* to copy the Titans’ beer chug at Predators game | For The Win
The saying "college try" isn't quite applicable here because an average college student would have put him to shame.

Around the World of Hockey

Could 2018 NHL All-Star Game bring major concert festival to Tampa? | Tampa Bay Times
Nashville changing the game once again.

Goaltender Matt Murray to start Game 4 for Penguins vs. Senators |
It's got to be nice to have two interchangeable goalies in the playoffs. It also can be pretty dangerous if you get too liberal with the goaltending changes.

2018 Games head says NHL not being greedy, will cooperate | NZ Herald News
Too many players grow up watching the Olympics for the NHL to just not allow its players to take part. There will be serious repercussions.

Russia looks to stop Canadian 3-peat at world championship | CBC
To be honest I haven't watched one iota of a World Championship game. The beauty of having a team in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Bear, Thunderbirds ready to compete for CHL supremacy |
If you want to watch some more great hockey you can tune into NHL Network and check out these games.

Lawyers in NHL concussion case want league, teams to hand over drug records | TSN
I don't know much about law, but it seems like these lawyers are either trying really hard to build a far-reaching case or are reaching for ways to indict the NHL now.

Column: NHL playoffs greatest show in sports at the moment | The Washington Post
Barkley is an Auburn man. Of course he knows what he's talking about!

GM: Stars willing to trade No. 3 draft pick for established player in 2017-18 rebuild |
This really wouldn't be a bad move for the Stars, who really need to win in the next few years.