Saturday's Dump and Chase: Victory!!!

The Predators clinch game one with goals from two expected contributors and one x-factor. If Colin Wilson can continue to be a big-game player for the Predators, that would be huge for their playoff hopes.

Predators News & Notes

Johansen comes full circle as Predators prep for playoffs | The Tennessean
"From my time being here, there’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll be a top team in this league for a while. It’s been nothing but fun playing with these guys and having the success we did to get ourselves into the playoffs."

Predators' Colin Wilson seeks repeat playoff performance | The Tennessean
Willy came up big in game one. The biggest question is whether he can keep it going?

ROUND ONE PRIMER: Everything You Need To Know For Ducks-Predators Opening Series | Anaheim Calling
How the other half lives.

Students Celebrate Preds By Painting Zamboni | News Channel 5
It looks pretty sweet!

Around the World of Hockey

Enter Sandpaperman: Duck's Corey Perry rubs foes raw | Sports Illustrated
He's definitely not a fan favorite amongst Predators fans. Hopefully he gets his share from James Neal, Filip Forsberg, Shea Weber, etc. throughout this series.

Ducks' John Gibson: Starting series opener |
And he was....

NHL fighting hits lowest levels since 1968 | Puck Daddy | Yahoo Sports
In Huntsville, fighting was the only reason people went to Huntsville Havoc (minor league) hockey games. The game overall is better with skilled players and fewer goons but I know a lot of people who have gotten into hockey simply because it's the only non-fighting sport that encourages fighting.

NHL ads on jerseys coming soon, now that NBA approves them | Yahoo Sports
This should finally push the NHL over the edge. The NBA approving this should help pacify a lot of NHL GMs and fans who were on the fence about this.

For Edge in a Faster N.H.L., Players Turn to Figure Skaters | The New York Times
Skating is pivotal in today's game. When I first started playing I learned from a figure skater and that helped me out a lot in just getting out there.

San Jose Sharks' Joe Paveski shows quiet leadership | ESPN
Pavelski might be quiet but his game is anything but.

NHL Playoffs takeaways: Flyers lose to Capitals in more ways than one |
The Capitals looked really strong out of the gate and I just can't see the Flyers moving past them, especially with Couturier out. This one could get ugly, folks.

What's wrong, right with each Canadian NHL team | Toronto Sun
Oh Canada.