Saturday's Dump & Chase: T.J. Oshie…Captain America!

Wow, what a game, right? The Best Team won, Putin was there to see it, and Top Preds Prospect Alexander Radulov took two penalties that lead to power play goals. Good times. Team USA is back on the ice against some country early tomorrow morning for the last game of the opening round. Gold Medal her

Nashville Predators News

The Predcast, Season 2 - Ep. 14: Olympic break, possible trades, and playoffs? - The Predatorial

"Playoffs" is an acceptable topic as long as it's accompanied by the "?".

ISS Hockey Releases Top 30 For February, Ranking The Top Prospects For 2014 NHL Draft | Penalty Box Radio

Who we like on "D"?

Weber Shining in Olympic Spotlight-Predlines


Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

T.J. Oshie leads USA to thrilling shootout win over Russia-USA Today

I think he outscored the Preds on the shootout for the entire season.

Pain '20 times worse' for Henrik Zetterberg; Swedish teammates feel for him | Detroit Free Press

He can't even get on an airplane, apparently.

Winter Olympics 2014: Aleksander Barkov out for Finland -

He's out with a knee injury.

Should NHL continue to send players to Olympics? - Chicago Sun Times

In related news...

Nicklas Backstrom Chirped By His Own Grandmother Before Sweden’s Olympic Opener |

Dang, Granny. That's cold.

Giant goal light blimp takes flight over Canada for Olympics -

And it got a ton of work yesterday.

The Kiss Cam And American Sports Fans: The History Of A Romance-Deadspin

The "Kiss Cam" is awful for a hundred reasons. Just kill it already.

Kurt Russell Begs Team USA to Win Hockey Gold So He Can Maybe Get Another Acting Job - SportsPickle

Awww that's not fair…he's been in plenty of stuff since "Miracle".