Saturday's Dump & Chase: Steven Who?

Never would I have thought the Tampa Bay Lightning would be tied 2-2 to the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Eastern Conference Finals with Steven Stamkos out of the lineup. It just shows how deep this Tampa team really is. Given all that good young talent it would be hard to argue against Yzerman not res

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Update: Ellis, Ekholm, Saros at World Championship | Nashville Predators
In case you missed it, Juuse Saros has posted two shutouts in two games in the World Championships and he hasn't allowed a single goal in three straight games in World Championship play. Granted, he hasn't matched up against the top competition.

Rinne Content with Play, Aims to Return Better Than Ever | Nashville Predators
Personally, I believe he could stand to be a little more conservative in net. If he could play closer to the goal line and use his size and fantastic glove hand I think he would be a lot more consistent and cut down on the bad goals.

NHL Rumors: Nashville Predators Edition
In case you missed David Poile's end of the season press conference...

Roundtable's 2015-16 Most Valuable Player Award
Daniel Lavender has named Felix Girard Milwaukee's most valuable player. He's gritty, he wins tons of faceoffs, he's great in the defensive zone, and he's a monster on the penalty kill.

Around the World of Hockey

Which potential Stanley Cup finals matchups would be the most exciting? | ESPN
I'm just enjoying the Lightning-Penguins series right now. If I had my druthers, though, I'd like to see San Jose play Tampa in the finals.

NHL playoffs tough test for Blues Vladimir Tarasenko | Sports Illustrated
Tarasenko couldn't go on scoring like that forever. It's hard to be a consistent goal scorer and it's even harder to be one in the playoffs against the San Jose Sharks.

Go behind the scenes of NHL playoff teams in latest Showtime series | USA Today
This is going to be great. The NHL playoffs are the most intense of any sport, in my opinion, and it'll be awesome to see what goes on behind the scenes.

Friedman Thinks These NHL Teams Are In On Radulov | TSS
Well Washington's out but that's not really a surprise.

Hockey World: Ex-NHL coach Kevin Constantine was an analytics pioneer | Edmonton Journal
A great story about someone who was doing analytics in the early 90s. My favorite excerpt: "My learning wasn’t other NHL coaches, it was reading books. I remember reading a baseball book once and it said ‘if you can measure it, you can improve it.’"

Mike Fisher, Dustin Brown on how to contain Joe Thornton's line | ESPN
Mike Fisher and Dustin Brown were charged with covering the Joe Thornton line during the first two rounds. Neither of them were able to truly contain Jumbo Joe but hindsight is 20/20.

Stamkos leads top 30 potential NHL free agents | TSN
That's a pretty decent crop of forwards. Poile would be smart to at least throw some feelers out there.

The Watercooler: Could the NFL push the NHL out of Vegas? | TSN
It'd be hard to deny a franchise to a city that has already built an arena for sole purpose of housing an NHL team.

NHL Draft eligible prospects to watch during the Memorial Cup | Eyes On The Prize
Max Jones is a player who has been projected right in the Predators' wheelhouse. He seems kind of like Lawson Crouse, though. He's big, a great athlete, and hard to play against but he hasn't been a top-end producer in the OHL.