Saturday's Dump & Chase: A Note To Bridgestone Arena Staff

You guys have a really hard job ahead of you this evening. I feel bad for you...I do. But you have some tools at your disposal to make things easier, <a href=""><strong>right in your own arena policies</strong></a>. For example, visibly intoxi

Nashville Predators News

Predators vow there is 'no quit in us'-The Tennessean

But there might be some "traded", "resigned", or "fired" in them. Props for playing hard long after the season was over, though.

Trotz trying to send a last minute pitch to Nashville's ownership? - The Predatorial

If he's feeling some of the frustration and anger we've been feeling for a while now, that's ok with me.

Trotz says this was 'one of the best' performances by him, his staff |

Call me crazy, but I like to judge by results.

Nashville Predators Offseason: What Could Happen-Predlines

It is EXTREMELY critical that any changes in management happen BEFORE any of these decisions are made.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

NHL season of disappointment in Canada with one playoff team-TSN

California has three. You're America's Hat forever, Canada.

Ovechkin would have to negotiate out of current deal to head to KHL | ProHockeyTalk

What's this, now?

Stars beat Blues, 3-0, clinch first playoff berth since 2008 | Dallas Morning News

They added an out of control partier 80 point scorer and a new coach, and they'll be a pretty dangerous 8-seed.

Stanley Cup playoffs: Which wild card teams have best shot at an upset? -

See above.

Why the New York Rangers will win the Stanley Cup | Post-to-Post

What, like on Xbox or something?

Five reasons playing the Kings in the first round isn't the worst thing ever - Fear The Fin

This would be my favorite first-round series, for sure.

Report: Most Oilers skipped Ryan Smyth’s retirement announcement | Puck Drunk Love

Wow. It's almost as if the entire organization is dysfunctional or something.

Witness hockey fan’s massive beer can pyramid next to ice in ECHL (Photo) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

Very impressive.