Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Another League Silent

At this point the NHL deciding to cancel the remainder of this season feels almost inevitable.

NWHL cancels 2020 Isobel Cup Final due to pandemic |
Between this and the AHL canceling the rest of its season, at a certain point you have to think the NHL is going to give up and follow suit. The NWHL had one game left. One game. They'd wrapped the regular season, done the play-in, had the first round, don't start their season until after the NHL does...

Meanwhile, the NHL is still out here talking about having a 24-team playoff and a full 2020-21 season. Do they have a time-turner?

NHL team execs want these CBA changes | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
Players not getting to choose who drafts them is one of the rare occasions when I shrug loudly about labor rights. If you want the potential to be making seven figures (with bonuses, if you qualify) while appearing regularly on television and potentially scoring the mythic Game Seven overtime series-winning goal while you're still in your teens, you can bear a little risk about the details. If you want control over exactly where you work, McDonald's is going to be hiring again once we can all leave our houses.

That's the thing, you know? Connor McDavid made a face when the Oilers won the draft lottery, as this article points out, but he still didn't decide not to play in the NHL. He could have applied to college somewhere (some college with a hockey team would have taken him, even on notice that short), done four years, popped out the other side an unrestricted free agent, and signed wherever he wanted. This would have been his rookie season if he had gone that route. He opted to start playing for the Oilers in 2015 instead, because he liked that idea better than not playing for a NHL team.

And now, back to my usual:

CHL settles class-action lawsuit over minimum wage payment |
Everyone knows where I land on the question of "do you or do you not pay the people who are risking permanent and life-altering injury playing sports for your entertainment" by now, right? It's trickier with the CHL because many of them are minors and, technically, students, but it's not like these are school-affiliated teams.

Mandy Cronin named General Manager of Toronto NWHL team | The Ice Garden
Now name the Toronto NWHL team! Come onnnnnn.

Look at fringe NHL free agent defensemen | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
For a minute I forgot that Matt Irwin wasn't a Nashville Predator any more, though I think the people who put this list together also forgot that. Is he still a NHL defender?, not really, and neither is Yannick Weber (also in that bullet point).

Women’s hockey stories Netflix should option | The Ice Garden
I would watch any and all of these. Shut up and take my money, Netflix.

Classic NHL jerseys that should come back | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
I'm here for a Seals throwback.

Penguins' Dominik Simon out 6-7 months following shoulder surgery |
...what was he waiting for, the new millennium?

In related news, I feel like surely we've gotten through most of the current millennium now. Right?