Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Awards Szn

Some nominees and more.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Rinne Named Finalist for King Clancy Memorial Trophy | NHL
Pekka Rinne, P.K. Subban, and Kurtis Gabriel are this year's finalists. On the one hand, I would not be unhappy with any of these men winning (read more about what the others are nominated for here). On the other hand, Gabriel is a full decade younger than Rinne.


‘How could a nation allow this?’: Tootoo on B.C. residential school findings |
““I ask myself how could a nation allow this to happen? Much worse, how could a nation perpetrate this action? How could a church condone, enable and orchestrate these actions? And, why was no one talking about it? Why was no one condemning it?” Tootoo wrote.”

Things like this are always very difficult to fit into a daily links post; they deserve more space and time than I can give them here. I moved this around a few times before putting it in its own section.

Other Hockey News & Notes

Winnipeg Jets' Mark Scheifele gets 4-game suspension for hit on Montreal Canadiens' Jake Evans | ESPN
"The NHL read the action as Scheifele "conceding the empty-net goal" and that "his intention was to deliver a hard, violent check to an opponent with the outcome of both the play and the game already having been decided.""

Boy, I sure am glad that with all of that, and with everything we know about head injuries, the NHL really threw the book at him and gave him *checks notes* ah, I see, four games.

The Wraparound: Mark Scheifele suspension could swing series | ProHockeyTalk
The real question is, if the Winnipeg Jets do lose the series, do players take the right lesson (headhunting is bad and head injuries are too dangerous to play around with) or the wrong lesson ("ref you suck!") away from it?

Rangers reach deal with first-rounder Lundkvist | ESPN
I predict a lot of very confused hockey fans mixing defender Nils Lundkvist up with goalie Henrik Lundquist for a while.

United Canadiens have found winning recipe to advance through playoffs |
They sure have:

Jared Bednar rips Colorado Avalanche's effort after Game 3 loss to Vegas Golden Knights | ESPN
The Avs are now 6-1 in the playoffs, and Bednar appears to be personally offended by the realization that they cannot go 16-0 and the fact that the Golden Knights are also a good hockey team.

How Team Sonnet’s power play cost them the Canada Secret Cup | The Ice Garden
The Montreal-based Team Bauer had a lot more practice time than their opponents, and it showed on special teams, where fellow finalist Team Sonnet's poor performance on the power play may have cost them the championship and definitely didn't help.

Wild GM: 'We get' Parise's feelings on benching | ESPN
He's almost thirty-seven years old and his spine is mostly duct tape and chewing gum at this point; I'm not sure why any article about healthy ("healthy")-scratching him would mention his age but not the recurring back injuries he's had. I've had some choice things to say about Zach Parise in my time, in solidarity with New Jersey Devils fans, but come on.

Penguins’ Evgeni Malkin out indefinitely after right knee surgery | ProHockeyTalk
Speaking of recurring injuries, this is unfortunate news for Malkin.

Where do the Sabres and Eichel go from here? |
The idea that the Sabres and Eichel could be going anywhere together is absolutely baffling at this point.

Anyway, there's also speculation here about Pekka Rinne, as well as other players.

Rescheduled 2021 World Championships to be held in Calgary | The Ice Garden
Excellent news for the players. Here’s hoping there are no further delays for any reason.

Shoulder surgery will sideline Max Domi for start of next season | ProHockeyTalk
Have you checked in on your friends and loved ones who are Columbus Blue Jackets fans? Seriously, what an absolute mess.

I guess Blue Jackets fans can try to take some comfort from the fact that the last time I looked at a team and pronounced it a trash fire it was the Avs in 2017, and they're, ah, doing okay for themselves right now.