Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Bandwagon Tour Guides

Not much news in the Preds sphere today.

Nashville Predators News & Notes:

I don’t speak any kind of German, let alone Swiss German (I do know some Swedish and a bit more French, neither of which helps here), but according to Google Translate Roman Josi and Yannick Weber have been given permission to play for Switzerland at Worlds, but there’s no timeline for this yet.

Nobody else has been as chatty as Switzerland, which leaves this a very short news update on the Preds.

Hockey Morning in Tennessee:

Staal’s OT goal lifts Hurricanes to Game 1 win over Islanders | ProHockeyTalk
Isles fans did not have a good night.

Sharks’ PK, third line shine in Game 1 win over Avalanche | ProHockeyTalk
This article definitely says that Joe Thornton scored a goal by, quote, "finishing off a 2-on-1 rush," so I guess we're all living in the end times. Well, all of us except the Vegas Golden Knights, who have already been reduced to their component atoms:

All Aboard the Bandwagon?

I wanted to grab a “How to Bandwagon Our Team” from every NHL team still in the playoffs, but most of them hadn’t written one—at least not for the current season. The good news is, that spares me having to include links for the Blues’ and the Stars’ pieces to be objective! As it is, this is a short section, with two SBNation posts and a Twitter thread from the Colorado Avalanche.

How to bandwagon the San Jose Sharks in 2018-19 | Fear The Fin
This one is from the start of the season, but it's not like that much has changed.

Welcome to the Columbus Blue Jackets Bandwagon! Here is a Brief Introduction for New Fans | The Cannon
Hands up if “they have Seth Jones” was still your hook for this article.

Hello, bandwagon Avalanche fans! | @Avalanche
I’m not completely sold, but your mileage may vary.

Who are you cheering for in the West?

San Jose Sharks50
Colorado Avalanche31
St. Louis Blues5
Dallas Stars10
A meteorite63

Who are you cheering for in the East?

Boston Bruins4
Columbus Blue Jackets43
New York Islanders51
Carolina Hurricanes44
A meteorite17

Other News & Notes:

Hilary Knight Sees Positives In The Changing Landscapes Of Women's Hockey | Forbes
"It's funny, thinking about legacies and stuff,” she said. “I'm thinking 'Oh my gosh, we're only getting started.'"

Some days I feel like something less than an extra in the sports movie that is Hilary Knight's life. This is definitely one of those days.

Hockey’s homophobia problem | Xtra
Thinking about the players who we haven’t gotten the opportunity to see even though they were in the right place at the right time, with the right money and connections to play and possibly the talent to back them up, because in spite of all that they quit (or worse) because of homophobia is just...this isn’t right. I’m glad the article ends on an up note, talking about the work people are doing with the next generation of hockey players. It needs to change.

Analysis: NHL playoffs open with upset-filled first round | AP News
Listing the Hurricanes, along with the Bruins, as the only two teams left standing who wouldn't be "new blood" if they won the Stanley Cup seems like it's overlooking how miserable the last decade-plus has been for the Hurricanes and how unreasonably successful the Boston area has been in sports—including hockey—while people have been trying to move the Canes to Quebec City.

What the IIHF Challenge Cup gold means for Philippine women's ice hockey | ESPN
As someone who gets excited about regular ol' sunbelt hockey in North America, the stories from the Women's Challenge Cup of Asia are just fantastic.

Truth By Numbers: First round takeaways and Nathan MacKinnon's dominance |
That Avalanche-Flames series was something. I have no idea how much of the Avalanche-Sharks series my schedule will let me watch, but it's likely to be some dramatic hockey.

CWHL Jersey Funds Won't Go Directly To Players | The Victory Press
The CWHL saga just keeps getting sadder.

The name on the back matters: NHL is now marketing its stars | AP News
The idea that the name on the back matters is news to absolutely nobody outside of Gary Bettman and the kids who've had it drilled into their heads. Cool to see the NHL catching up.

Jones' dad gets to watch Blue Jackets in Boston after NBA playoff exit | NHLcom
Sweeping up with the Joneses?

...I'll see myself out.