Saturday's Dump & Chase: Brought to You by Carter Hutton's Confidence

He&#39;s been described as <a href=""><strong>a confident guy</strong></a>, but after the last two games, I&#39;m not so sure. The recent evidence would seem to indicate he&#39;s still pretty green, and this could be a problem for a team that

Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators' Eric Nystrom fills team's physical, emotional needs | The Tennessean

So many ways to go with this, but I'm too classy for that.

Nashville Predators: On 'Puck Luck' and PDO-Sunbelt Hockey

We just need more luck, you guys. I'm sure they'll work on it next practice.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Holtby, Emery brawl as Capitals’ win turns into fight night in Philadelphia-Washington Post

Like my dad always says, "If you can't win the game, give the other guys a savage beating".

Varlamov ‘comfortable’ in OT win following jail release | ProHockeyTalk

As long as he's feeling good. That's the important thing.

Tortorella: Sedins aren’t soft and people who say they are pisses him off | The Province

I guess we can add this to the seemingly endless list of things that anger him.

Sharks’ Brent Burns goes clean-shaven, raises $23K for charity | Puck Daddy

Wow. Looks like he lost 5 pounds of hair.

Children are heckling the Oilers coach when he takes his daughter to school | For The Win


Sportsnet's Grit Chart Measures The Importance Of Grit & Winning - The Copper & Blue

Where do the Preds come in? #Grit #Sandpaper

16 Reasons To Root Against The Evil Canadians At The Winter Olympics-Buzzfeed

All very solid choices, but I have to say I support their stance on face painting.