Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Chasing Gold

The Olympics are officially on the table.

NHL players heading to Beijing Olympics in 2022 - Bracket, schedule, teams, COVID protocols | ESPN
After what probably seems like an eternity to everyone involved, the NHL is officially allowing players (and staff) to return to the Olympics.

Preds' John Hynes named to 2022 Winter Olympics coaching staff | On the Forecheck
Exciting news for Hynes, I'm sure; good luck to him.

San Jose Sharks associate coach Rocky Thompson stepping down after being unable to receive COVID-19 vaccine | ESPN
This is deeply unfortunate for Thompson. I don't know what kind of risk analysis the NHL did, but clearly they concluded that even if everyone who is able to get vaccinated does, it's a danger and/or a liability to employ anyone who isn't able to.

NHL's new COVID-19 protocols include mechanism for suspending unvaccinated players |
Players, meanwhile, will not be punished for having medical conditions preventing them from getting vaccinated.

NWHL 3-on-3: Boston Pride, Connecticut Whale, Metropolitan Riveters | The Ice Garden
The Ice Garden's Mike Murphy takes a look at some of the NWHL's most electrifying players and speculates about what they'd bring to a 3-on-3 tournament.

Coyotes submit bid to build new arena in city of Tempe |
As an Arizona resident, good! It's about time. Nobody wants to go to Glendale to watch a hockey game. Even people who live in Phoenix don't want to go to Glendale to watch a hockey game. (Do people who live in Glendale want to go there to watch a hockey game? Unclear.)

With an arena in Tempe, they can pick up a lot more residents from the southeastern parts of Phoenix (Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, etc.), and probably get some people who are willing to drive up from Tucson if it’s an hour and a half instead of close to three hours to get there. Smartest thing they’ve done in a while, and I stand by that even if it doesn’t work out for them.

Rangers winger Ryan Reaves: Aug. 27, 2020, was ‘more than a moment for us’ | The Undefeated
"I don’t see why, because I’m an athlete, I can’t have an opinion on something bigger than my job."