Saturday's Dump & Chase: Concussed

Gary Bettman and the NHL have had the opportunity to take a more progressive stance on concussions and CTE but they have continued to make the NHL one of the more behind-the-times leagues in all of professional sports.

News and Notes

The NHL, Brains and Lawyerly Denial | The American Lawyer
More damning information on Bettman and concussions.

Senator Says Gary Bettman, NHL ‘In Denial’ About Concussions | CBS Boston
This article really doesn't hold back on Bettman.

Judge: NHL to arbitrate co-owner's case against Predators | Washington Times
With this ruling in the NHL's hands the chance the Predators end up on the losing end is very, very slim.

2016 NHL Draft Team Grades and Top Prospects: Central Division | The Hockey Writers
Nashville, once again, got pretty high praise for their draft this year and...hey look, an OTF shout out.

Murray Craven returns to NHL spotlight as Las Vegas hockey architect | Yahoo Sports
Although Murray Craven doesn't have an official role with Las Vegas, he is one of the main people holding the strings for the new franchise.

WATCH: Jose Bautista's bat flip now a custom goal celebration in 'NHL 17' | CBS Sports
Haha. Fantastic!

Nikita Scherbak confident Canadiens will come calling | NHL
Nice to hear about Scherbak again. He was one of the more interesting players to come out of the 2013 draft after that great interview he had with James Duthie.

NHL Twitter Mailbag | Bleacher Report
It's interesting the NHL doesn't have weed as one of their banned substances. I guess that's how Ribeiro got away with it in (then) Phoenix.

NHL players union says Bettman can't restore defenseman's ban | Reuters
And the Dennis Wideman saga continues...

Did NHL teams suck fun out of 3-on-3 OT? | Yahoo
With puck possession being the name of the game, 3-on-3 has essentially turned into keep away until a team gets a good shot on net.

Coyotes GM John Chayka already making waves | Toronto Sun
I'm extremely interested to see how Chayka's career progresses.

Backdraft 2013, 2014 & 2015: An early ranking of the forwards, defensemen & goalies from the 2013, 2014 & 2015 NHL drafts | Yahoo Sports
It still sucks the Predators could have had Dylan Larkin.

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