Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Deck Chairs on the Titanic

It’s a bizarre day to be talking about sports.

I have very little commentary on today’s links; I spent most of Friday hovering over the news, heartbroken and sick. If you’re protesting tonight, stay safe.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Juuse Saros: How the NHL's Smallest Goalie Plays Bigger Than Everyone Else | The Point
I love that they made sure to question Saros's height in the middle of this article about how good at hockey he is (spoiler: it's very).

Other News & Notes

Evander Kane speaks out on how hockey world can address racial injustice |
Hockey's "don't make waves" culture is a huge problem.

USA Hockey president Jim Smith facing investigations | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
Saying "best sport worst league" about the NHL lets so many other leagues off the hook.

More than just a game: Women’s hockey and mental health | The Ice Garden
"When so much of an athlete’s success is tied to their physical performance and imperturbable exterior, their mental health is often pushed to the back burner and gets left to simmer unchecked."

Other, More Cheerful, News & Notes

Flames' Cam Talbot helps save Alabama-Huntsville hockey program |
Some excellent news for Southern hockey.

Ducks' offensive woes extend to rare 2-year playoff drought | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
"The Ducks are still in full rebuilding mode after winning just 29 of their 71 games, including a Western Conference-worst 24 non-shootout victories."

Aw. Gee.

Vegas Golden Knights reveal logo of new AHL team, the Henderson Silver Knights | Russian Machine Never Breaks
I hate to admit it, but I really like this logo.

Goalie competition to force big decision for Rangers | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
It's going to be so, so weird when the Rangers finally aren't even considering Henrik Lundqvist as an option.

How NHL could transition from paused to handing out Stanley Cup |
Going to go out on a limb and guess that "playing some games" should be part of that transition.