Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Don’t Stop Me Now

Last night the Preds had themselves a real good time.

Recap: Nashville Predators 3, Chicago Blackhawks 1: Opportunism wins | On the Forecheck
If you missed the game, Eamon has you covered.

Shaun hasn't finished adding up the Preds Money on the Board contributions from last night yet, but I can tell you from me that I put $5 on a win, $10 on a shutout, and $10 on keeping Patrick Kane off the board regardless of the game's outcome, and it was the best $15 I've spent in a while.

As for the game itself...well. I'll let Eamon handle that.

Power plays, penalty kills, and the art of presenting video to a team |
A really neat behind-the-scenes look at what a video coach does.

Seattle Kraken hockey team sued by punk bar over name use | ProHockeyTalk
I doubt the Kraken Bar & Lounge wins this one simply because I suspect the NHL has a lot more money (I'm not a lawyer and refuse to formally weigh in on whether the hockey arena's restaurant is going to confuse people about the bar, though it feels unlikely to me as a consumer), but if they do I'm going to be very annoyed at the loss of the best NHL team name in approximately ever.

Minnesota Wild sign Ryan Hartman to 3-year, $5.1M contract extension | ESPN
Ryan Hartman has been playing on the second line with Kevin Fiala in Minnesota, a real sentence I just had to type.

Avalanche defense, not scoring, has been their calling card | ProHockeyTalk
The Colorado Avalanche are legitimately terrifying. Also, Samuel Girard is having a great season. It's been a rough night on the old links clipper, folks.

Leafs' Tavares set to 'pay it forward' in new Special Olympics partnership |
John Tavares has been doing volunteer work like this since high school, which I did not know. That's pretty great.

USA Hockey Names Men’s National Sled Team | On the Forecheck
I love Ann's sled hockey stories. They're always such a bright burst of optimism about hockey in Middle Tennessee. The USMNT is looking to defend their gold medal at the Para Sled Hockey World Championship this year, and Nashville-area folks are well-represented on the team.

Tampa Bay Lightning reveal 2020 Stanley Cup ring | ProHockeyTalk
This is notable primarily for 1) including overtime minutes played--I think not by player; even Victor Hedman probably didn't skate over 216 minutes just in overtime--on the rings, and 2) for explaining that the rings say "2020" because that was "the championship year date". You think.

IIHF defends lack of Plan B for cancelled women's world hockey championship |
Nova Scotia has been extremely cautious with covid procedures, which makes me wonder why the IIHF didn't make arrangements to return to them in a future year--they were already making up for 2020 this year--and schedule the games somewhere else.

If you've been following my clippings and commentary through this pandemic, you'll know I'm usually a big "shut it down, sports aren't worth dying over" person, but it is weird to see women's sports getting shut down while men's sports keep going.

Travis Green faces delicate balancing act after Canucks' COVID outbreak |
The reason I'm not cut out to be a NHL coach--wholly aside from the fact that I don't have anywhere near the tactical understanding I'd need to--is that in Green's place I'd tell everyone to just go home, take a nap, drink some tea or soup, hug their pets/family members if they live with either, curl up under a fuzzy blanket, watch something soothing on TV.

NWHL announces finalists for five awards | The Ice Garden
It feels unfair that the Boston Pride are so thoroughly represented among these finalists, but, on the other hand, the NWHL season this year was basically just a tournament, and you wouldn't expect a Worlds or Olympic "best of" to include many players whose teams didn't medal.

‘Machine’ Zdeno Chara set to play in 1,600th NHL game | ProHockeyTalk

Devils' P.K. Subban reveals COVID-19 diagnosis, hoping to return soon |
Get well soon, P.K.