Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Donuts for Breakfast

Congrats to Pekka Rinne on yet another milestone!

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Nashville Predators 3, Carolina Hurricanes 0: Return of the King | On the Forecheck
Ann recaps last night's game, in case you had your eyes closed or got trampled by the Black Friday crowds.

Rinne Records 350th Win as Preds Shut Out Hurricanes |
Fantastic news for Pekka Rinne, and I can't begrudge him the win--let alone the shutout--even though I feel like this is only going to make the Kyle Turris situation worse for the team.

The Complex Case of Kyle Turris | Penalty Box Radio
I still don't think the Preds should trade Turris, and I think that if they do they'll really struggle to get anything back at this point, but this is a solid look at some of the teams that might be willing to take him and what they might be willing to offer, or Poile might target, in return.

Southern Hockey News & Notes

Women’s Hockey Comes To SMASHVILLE: Final Thoughts & Predictions | BC Interruption
In case you missed it, there's some NCAA hockey happening at Ford Ice Center today.

Other News & Notes

Bruins' Brad Marchand says concussion spotters 'busy eating pizza' |
In the immortal words of the Onion: "The worst person you know just made a great point." Seriously, the concussion spotters are both bad at their jobs and severely limited by the NHL.

Eichel doing his part to make Sabres – Maple Leafs a rivalry | ProHockeyTalk
I mean, I get that the Maple Leafs want to be everyone's rivals, but...Sabres-Maple Leafs is a rivalry?

'It's embarrassing': Canucks allow eight goals in rollercoaster loss |
Well, it's good to know that SOME team out there is capable of scoring eight on the Canucks for a comeback win. I guess.

From Taipei City to the NWHL |
Tzu-Ting Hsu wasn't able to commit to the NWHL last year, because she was finishing up her master's degree (!), but she's joined them this year with an impressive international resume. Like other women playing pro, she has a full-time job--hers as a mechanical engineer, which is both extremely cool and probably easier on her physically than the women who teach elementary school all week and then go play hockey all weekend. But who knows, maybe the mechanical pieces bite too.

Canadiens' Kotkaniemi path to regain swagger might pass through Laval |
Montreal media: “Really unfortunate about Kotkaniemi's confidence.”
Also Montreal media: “Let's swarm the kid and ask him questions about how badly he's playing.”

Pastrnak shines again as Bruins win sixth in a row: 3 takeaways | ProHockeyTalk
David Pastrnak has 24 goals this season.

It's November.

How Barry Trotz has been able to make the Islanders a powerhouse |
Barry Trotz: good at coaching, actually.

Hockey culture is long overdue for a reckoning | For the Win
"Real change in hockey, though, the kind that creeps all the way through the bantam leagues to the pros, won’t be achieved without a hard, painful look in the mirror, and will require everyone, from fans to players to the media, to examine the role they play in perpetuating these systems."

As I keep saying, "hockey is for everyone" is a fantastic thing to aspire to, but it's not true yet. I'm hoping that the revelations of the past week--not just the stories about Marner, Aliu, and Jordan, but all the people sharing their own stories about bigoted or abusive experiences in youth hockey that no child (or adult) should have had to deal with--are able to help inspire change for future players, and that the people sharing those stories get some peace or healing out of the sharing.