Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Drafting

With the first round done and the remaining six to go, here are some links.

Nashville Predators draft Fyodor Svechkov 19th overall | On the Forecheck
It sounds like this was a safe pick but not a bad one.

Nashville Predators draft Zachary L’Heureux 27th overall | On the Forecheck
Eric thinks this is a solid pick and L'Heureux's attitude problems aren't the kind that will interfere with his game or his presence in the locker room, and I'm hoping he and the Preds' scouts are right.

NHL Trades |

2021 NHL Entry Draft: Round One Instant Reactions | On the Forecheck
Eric has a grade and a quick explanation for each pick. Some teams did amazingly, some did...not.

Highlights from the First Round of the 2021 NHL Draft | RMNB

Canadiens make shocking, dismaying choice to select Mailloux in draft |
I don't have much to say about this pick that can be said in polite company, but the fact that major news outlets are also reacting this strongly gives me some hope for hockey journalism, at least. Eric Engels covers the Canadiens. He writes for Sportsnet. He unambiguously considers this an appalling move. That's...something, I guess.

(Our colleagues at Eyes on the Prize have not one but two editorials on how drafting Mailloux goes against the team’s entire history and how they simply should not have drafted him regardless of their history and reputation. It is also the case that Mailloux explicitly asked teams not to draft him.)

Canucks improve but take on risk with Ekman-Larsson, Garland additions |
I am not sure Oliver Ekman-Larsson is what the Vancouver Canucks need right now, or a solution to their salary cap situation.

Taylor Hall, Boston Bruins reach four-year deal | ESPN
Taylor Hall must be so incredibly excited to be on a team where he can simply be a guy on a team, instead of carrying an entire organization's hopes around his neck.

Blackhawks acquire star defenceman Seth Jones from Blue Jackets |
The deal was massive, but boy do I not enjoy it on a personal level.

New York Rangers trade Pavel Buchnevich to St. Louis Blues for Sammy Blais, 2022 second-round pick | ESPN
Ran...gers? Rangers what are you doing.

Respectfully, what are the Flyers doing? | RMNB
Also a great question! Have you checked in on the Philadelphia Flyers fans in your life today?

USA Hockey announces (new) roster for 2021 Worlds | The Ice Garden
Team USA looks promising as they get ready for the 2021 Women's World Championship at the end of August.