Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Dreaming of Gold

Some Olympics uncertainty and more in today’s links.

Report: NHLPA advising players not to play in Olympic qualifiers |
I see why the NHL doesn't want to pay for COVID-19 insurance at the Olympics (doesn't benefit them at all to have players go), but I cannot figure out why the international organizations won't pay for it.

Scheduling NHL season with, without Olympics causes chaos | ESPN
And I definitely do not envy the office personnel who have to wrangle this.

NHL to require everyone that interacts with club personnel to be vaccinated |
I'm pleasantly surprised that the NHL, a league which still has not acknowledged any link between repeated head injuries and CTE, is taking this scientifically-motivated step.

Former Rangers defenseman Brendan Smith says there’s a lot more info that will come out someday regarding the Tom Wilson incident | RMNB
Okay, but I don't want to know in fifteen years; I want to know--if there actually is anything to know--now!

Kraken sign defenceman Cale Fleury to one-year, two-way deal |
The Seattle Kraken quietly check off "acquire a Fleury" on the expansion team to-do list.

Joe Thornton to play 24th NHL season after signing with Florida Panthers | ESPN
Given the things that professional athletes put their bodies through, Florida seems like a nice place for a guy who's been playing as long as Thornton has to go work. Can't hurt that they have an incredibly skilled coach, either.

N-WHKYe: Showing what a point is worth in women’s hockey | The Ice Garden
I love seeing the advances in women's hockey statistics. Especially because the women's leagues are so dependent on a variety of external factors, having a good equivalency calculation is very valuable.

Toronto Maple Leafs star forward Auston Matthews has wrist surgery | ESPN
I'm sure everyone in Toronto is extremely calm about this.

‘We’ll see what happens’: Henrik Lundqvist is strapping his pads on again in latest update | RMNB
Good to hear Lundqvist is doing better, but I hope he doesn't rush back.

Team Finland’s All-Time Starting Six | The Ice Garden
Come for the Noora Räty praise, stay to learn about five fantastic skaters.