Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Exorcised

I considered and discarded several really bad “steel” puns instead. You’re welcome.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Five-Hole Friday: Ferda | On the Forecheck
In case you missed it, Rachel has some thoughts on goalies.

The Preds' chances at another division title got a huge boost last night | A to Z Sports
Alex takes a look at the Preds' and Jets' upcoming schedules. I'll add one thing he doesn't point out: the Blues' regulation loss last night (thank you, New York Rangers) (ugh) is a good sign as well. It's really felt possible that while the Preds and Jets were "no, you" "no, you!"-ing their way around, the Blues would get down to business, leapfrog both of them in the standings, and be waiting for the winner of the first-round Preds-Jets series. That's looking less likely now, and the Preds' odds of home ice in a Preds-Blues series also improved.

Other News & Notes

Ten years later: Remembering the first Clarkson Cup Final | Eyes On The Prize
An incredible story--great work putting this together from our compatriots over at Eyes on the Prize.

Coyotes face huge weekend against Avalanche, Wild | ProHockeyTalk
The Avalanche won last night's game in the shootout, inching them a little closer to the playoffs and the Coyotes further away.

Winning Play: What does Sharks' Brent Burns do well defensively? | Fear The Fin
This is both a great breakdown of, well, exactly what it says in the headline--things that Brent Burns does well defensively--and a scathing takedown of the idea that defenders who contribute offensively, even ones like Burns who have played at forward in the NHL, can't also contribute well defensively. This is well-researched, thoroughly cited, even-handed, and deeply satisfying.

Attendance numbers, merchandise sales, more from NWHL’s 2018–19 season released by league | The Ice Garden
Here's a summary of the NWHL's first five-team season, with some concrete and specific information from commissioner Dani Rylan. There are still some question marks, but overall it's a step towards transparency.

NWHL: Minnesota Whitecaps Season Review | The Victory Press
The Whitecaps entered the NWHL as an expansion team this season, soared to the best regular-season record in the league, and then won the Isobel Cup. On the one hand, I'm jealous. On the other hand, their social media person is a lot less obnoxious than the guy who was running the Golden Knights' twitter last year.

Also, perhaps of interest to Preds fans, the Whitecaps have an even worse power play than the Preds do—by a lot.

Rating the best Carolina Hurricanes 'Storm Surge' celebrations |
RIP Storm Surge. You will be missed.

(Seriously, I can't be the one one who wanted to see the Surge if they won a playoff series, right?)

Tiny goaltender tries to fight Gritty during mites on ice game | Russian Machine Never Breaks
There is nothing I can say that will improve on this headline.