Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Fresh Ice

We’re so close to the season now.

Nashville Predators/Nashville Hockey News & Notes

Preds Fans Invited to Preseason Doubleheader Celebration on Monday |
The idea of just taking off work to go watch a hockey game is a little mindboggling, but I'd definitely take Gnash up on that offer if I could.

Three Key Storylines to Watch During Nashville Predators Training Camp | On the Forecheck
Sadly, we weren't in a position to write any of you excuses from work ourselves to breathlessly hover over Twitter, but you probably didn't need that. Bobby spotlights some of the big questions facing the Preds as we head toward the end of the offseason.

2018-2019 Nashville Predators Player Reviews: BONUS: Colin Blackwell | On the Forecheck
Bryan goes off the beaten track of player report cards to evaluate Colin Blackwell, who should do very well for the Milwaukee Admirals this season.

2019 Nashville Predators Prospect Rankings: Breakout Candidates | On the Forecheck
Eric takes a look at some prospects who might surprise this year.

Also, some non-adult-Preds news:

Other News & Notes

Cap comparables: Mitch Marner contract resets the RFA market |
Finally. It's over.

Could Marner signing open floodgates for Laine, other star RFAs? | ProHockeyTalk
"But how does this affect literally everyone except the Leafs?!"

PWHPA releases sponsors, roster for New Hampshire stop on Dream Gap Tour | The Ice Garden
This honestly sounds pretty great--yet another reason to wish I were in New England as fall comes in.

Kesler, Eaves will miss Ducks’ entire 2019-20 season | ProHockeyTalk
The Ducks are not in the best of places right now.

Jets' Dustin Byfuglien granted personal leave of absence by team |
Jets management says that there's nothing wrong and emphasizes that Byfuglien has a right to privacy.

Broken foot could delay Corey Perry’s debut with Stars | ProHockeyTalk
Breaking a bone just a few days before training camp, after having had an entire offseason to break bones if you really wanted to, has got to be enormously frustrating.

Oilers' Connor McDavid cleared to practise as he rehabs knee at camp |
Excellent news for McDavid and for the Oilers. As the NHL pushes towards an eventual new TV deal, it's probably good news for them too; general consensus seems to be that McDavid is very fun to watch.

Study shows hockey great Stan Mikita suffered from CTE | Associated Press
Dr. McKee has some strong words for the NHL about degenerative brain diseases--plural--and its refusal to adequately protect its players. The Sportsnet rerun of this story left out most of those comments, which is doing Canadian readers a disservice.

2019 Four Nations Cup in Luleå, Sweden is cancelled | The Ice Garden
The Swedish Ice Hockey Association's response to the ongoing #FörFramtiden boycott was to...cancel an international tournament, instead of either funding the Damkronorna or allowing the other three nations (the US, Canada, and Finland) to participate in the tournament they were hosting regardless. Good going, guys. Fantastic look for you there.

Offensive upgrades helping playoffs become expectation for Coyotes | ProHockeyTalk
There's a kid at the school where I work who's started wearing a Coyotes shirt around regularly this year, and a couple more who are joining a junior hockey program under the team's aegis. I'm excited about the conversations with people I might get to have if the Coyotes actually manage to make it in one of these years.