Saturday's Dump & Chase: Goodbye 2013-14 Season, Hello 2014-15 Season!

While the Kings bask in the glow of their second Cup in three years, it&#39;s time for the, um, not good teams (hey, that&#39;s us!) to get busy. The draft is in two weeks, and the start of free agency a couple of days after that. Take some time to <a href="

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Predators’ draft picks drawing trade interest-The Tennessean

IF they trade some picks, can it be for someone who can play now and not in like five years? Please?

Champions. Again. - Jewels From The Crown

Kings fans should be entering "How many Cups have you won" territory any minute now.

Meet the new kings of L.A. sports - Los Angeles Times

Until the Lakers are good again.

Hard for Rangers to accept end to memorable run | New York Post

Yeah, I bet. Multiple blown leads and three losses in OT would be tough to handle.

Why Do I Care So Much? - Blueshirt Banter

A question every sports fan asks. There is no reasonable answer.

CBC says goodbye in moving, playoff-closing montage (Video) | Puck Daddy

Turn on your heart light and let it shine wherever you go, HNIC.

2014 NHL Draft Order: First-Round Picks Set With Stanley Cup Final Over |

The Preds didn't win the Cup, so they'll be staying at #11.

Vancouver Canucks Father Day Gifts | The Province

There is only one gift that's a must-have for any Canucks fan. You can buy it here.

Cam Neely returns as Sea Bass in Dumb & Dumber sequel | Post-to-Post

The most important hockey story you'll read this year.

L.A. Mayor Pledges To Eat Sackful Of New York Garbage If Kings Lose Stanley Cup | The Onion

Man, he really dodged a bullet on that one.