Saturday's Dump & Chase: Hockey's Back

So far the World Cup of hockey's been really fun to watch. I think they should do away with Team Europe and Team North America to bring a bit more legitimacy to the tournament (though watching Team North America has been awesome) but overall it's been cool to see some hockey this early in th

News From Around the World of Hockey

Hull, Chelios see pride in World Cup; bigger stage with Olympics | Yahoo
"(The Olympics are) a much bigger stage, at least it was to me as a player, and even as a coach."

Team USA lets Team Canada know it is for real in World Cup tourney warmup tilt.

Johnny Gaudreau, Flames reportedly have gap to fill in extension talks | Yahoo Sports
I'm glad I'm not a Flame fan right now.

Las Vegas owner confirms team will have 'Knights' in name |
"We have our colours picked, we have our basic logo picked, it needs some refinement," he said. "We have moved some color schemes around, and the team will be something Knights. K-n-i-g-h-t-s. We have the name. The name is trademarked, we have the domain name. That’s all I can say right now." They also mentioned he had the logo already picked out.

Making the jump: Islanders prospect Barzal believes he's ready for NHL challenge | Yahoo
I wanted the Predators to trade up and get Barzal so bad when he started falling in 2015. Seems like it would have been a worthwhile endeavor.

Superstars align for Team North America with Connor McDavid, Jack Eichel Pairing | ESPN
I could care less about Team Europe but Team North America is pretty sweet!

With NHL Now In Las Vegas How Far Behind Is Major League Baseball | Today's Knuckleball
The NHL could be like the cool kid on the block who got the cool new bicycle and makes all the other kids start to try to get one.

Henrik Lundqvist returning to his roots for World Cup of Hockey start against Finland | ESPN
Team Sweden's No. 1 stopper Henrik Lundqvist is returning to the Scandinavan site of many of his earlier career starts as a young goalie in Sweden.

Who Has The NHL's Best Farm System? | The Hockey News
Winnipeg might be the weakest team in the Central Division but watch out when their top prospects start hitting the NHL.

Patrick Kaleta on NHL: 'I definitely don’t think I’m washed up yet' | The Buffalo News
Patrick Kaleta, you were washed up a long time ago. What a dirty player.

NHL notes: Evander Kane faces new evidence in harassment allegations | CBC Sports
The saga continues...

Kaepernick anthem protests spark controversy in NHL | RT Sport
It was funny watching ESPN's coverage of this because when Brett Hull and Brendan Shanahan were asked to comment they basically punted.

World Cup injuries a concern to Blackhawks, other NHL teams | Chicago Tribune
Potential injuries are definitely worrisome. If Pekka Rinne, Roman Josi, or Filip Forsberg get hurt the Predators will definitely be feeling it.

Report: NHL to make key changes to concussion protocol for 2016-17 |
The league is expected to add 'Central Spotters' to review live games looking for possible concussions. I like the move and it seems like something that could be of great benefit to players.

'NHL 17' Review: Speed, Impact And Minor Penalties | Forbes
This is a good review of all of the positives and negatives for EA Sports' NHL 17 for all you people considering buying the game.