Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Home Ice Disadvantage

Good news: the Winnipeg Jets are having the same problem. Bad news: if either of these teams makes it to the second round, the Preds are going to have home ice disadvantage again.

Nashville Predators News & Notes:

Predators seek more from third line against Stars in Game 2 |
This might be a wacky suggestion, but have they considered hoping for some of the, uh, better players to make a positive impact on the game? Sure, the third line was terrible on Wednesday, and I'd like to see them be less bad tonight, but...

Five-Hole Friday: The Last One of the Season | On the Forecheck
The last of the year. Get it before it's gone!

Predators' love of grass-fed beef helps them bond with local farmers |
Probably don't read this if you're a) hungry or b) have just been listening to obnoxious city traffic noises.

Hockey Morning in Tennessee:

Islanders 3 - Penguins 1; Islanders lead series 2-0

Crosby expects greater sense of urgency from Penguins after Game 2 loss |
[the world's smallest violin plays in the background]

Blue Jackets 5 - Lightning 1; Blue Jackets lead series 2-0

The Playoff Buzzer: Blue Jackets turn Lightning into ‘five alarm fire’ | ProHockeyTalk
I'm pretty sure the dog brackets on Twitter are going to be better off than most of the human brackets if this keeps up.

Blues 4 - Jets 3; Blues lead series 2-0

Jets' goaltending fails them just as offence shows up to play |
Hi, yes, can we retroactively have gotten the Connor Hellebuyck who can't stop a shot back in 2018? Thanks.

Golden Knights 5 - Sharks 3; series tied 1-1

Vegas Golden Knights at San Jose Sharks Game 2 | Fear The Fin
I know opinions around these parts are split on the Sharks, but do we like the Golden Knights better? Show of hands.

Other News & Notes:

Passing Fancy: How Lightning's Nikita Kucherov became a star | AP
This is a little out-of-date, both because it's from before the Lightning went down 0-2 against the [checks notes] Columbus Blue Jackets and because right now the news about Nikita Kucherov is his upcoming conversation with the Department of Player Safety for boarding, but it's still an interesting piece about this season’s likely Hart winner.

Myth Busting, Part 1: “No one wants to watch women’s hockey” | Hockey in Society
This makes some of the best arguments I've seen explaining exactly why "but nobody watches women's hockey, so we shouldn't air or promote it" is false. It makes intuitive sense that nobody will watch a thing they're not getting the opportunity to watch.

McDavid to begin rehab on leg immediately |
The Oilers are getting mocked a lot on Hockey Twitter for not going into details about Connor McDavid's leg injury, but, honestly, I don't know if that's the right call. Do we really need more specifics than that it's a soft-tissue injury of the leg? It's not like we're the man's doctors or his parents.

‘This needs to end’: Queen’s hosts roundtable on racism in hockey | The Journal
This was a small initiative, but a roundtable where people discuss their experiences, expectations, and aspirations seems at least like better progress than just repeating “Hockey is for everyone” as if it’s a magic spell instead of a mission statement.

NHLPA warns player agents after conflict-of-interest complaints |
The entire behind-the-scenes setup of the NHL is pretty much on fire right now, huh.