Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Inch by Inch

Links to start your weekend off.

Rielly signs eight-year, $60 million contract with Maple Leafs |
Hands up, everyone who thinks Morgan Rielly is going to singlehandedly solve all the Leafs' problems.

New Jersey Devils' Jack Hughes out at least five more weeks with shoulder injury | ESPN
Unfortunate for both Hughes and the Devils.

Minnesota Wild leading scorer Mats Zuccarello, Rem Pitlick enter COVID-19 protocol | ESPN
Best wishes to everyone concerned, but also uh--

"The Wild abruptly canceled their practice Wednesday while they sorted out the situation. They already had three assistant coaches in the league coronavirus protocol."

This sounds...bad? This sounds bad. I remember the Wild getting pretty hard-hit by both the recent NHL mumps outbreaks; you'd really expect by this point that they'd have some better procedures in place.

Blues' Binnington doesn't regret swinging stick at Kadri, but says 'I'm not crazy' |
I would be shocked if a reporter asked Binnington if he was "crazy". Feels more like he didn't want to answer a question about discipline, or maybe about anger management, and so answered a question he hadn't been asked.

Also, what a piece of work.

Blackhawks owner wants sex offender off Cup | ESPN
Now that's a headline that could do with a few more words of clarification.

The Hockey Hall of Fame has stated that they and the NHL higher-ups agree that this is an appropriate request and will be working on stamping over Aldrich's name. I think there are arguments that can be made against vacating the 2010 championship, but I can't think of any good ones for leaving Aldrich's name on there.

There's a complicated discussion to be had about how a list of legends of the NHL that included players based entirely on their gameplay would include some genuinely good humans but also some racists, domestic abusers, etc. However, I think "if a team ignores a report alleging that a player or staff member committed a crime until the playoffs are over, and then decides that the report merited discipline, that player or staff member should not get to keep any perks of the team's delay" is a pretty bright-line policy.

NHL, Hall of Fame agree removing Aldrich's name from Stanley Cup is 'appropriate' |
""Kyle's reaction was that he's glad that they are paying attention to what he brought to their attention 10 years ago," Loggans [Beach's attorney] told the AP. "

Brunette starts in Florida on “sad day for hockey” | ESPN
I was bracing for the "sad day for hockey" remark to be about there being consequences for Quenneville's inaction, and was pleasantly surprised that the Florida Panthers--at least on the record, and hopefully off it as well--are upset about what Beach went through eleven years ago and since then, not about the current hockey season.

Why have last year’s Vezina finalists struggled in 2021-22? |
Marc-Andre Fleury turns 37 next month, which you'd think might have gotten at least a parenthetical mention. Yes, he's now playing for a team that is an absolute tire fire even on the ice,  but also, the man is almost 37 years old. He has been playing professional hockey for close to two decades.