Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Is It Worlds Yet?

The Predators are out. The Admirals are out. My work schedule won’t let me watch Eastern Conference games and I’m mostly pulling for #TeamMeteorite in the West. I’m all for something new to care about.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Preds Foundation Distributes Record-Breaking Sum to Local Charities |
Filip Forsberg made an appearance.

Hockey Morning in Tennessee

Carolina Hurricanes 5, New York Islanders 2 - Hurricanes win series 4-0

Hurricanes' best rise to the occasion as Carolina sweeps Islanders |
At what point does Don Cherry spontaneously combust on live TV?

Dallas Stars 2, St. Louis Blues 1 - Stars lead series 3-2

Bishop, Stars edge out Blues in critical Game 5 | ProHockeyTalk
I'm prepared to allow that the Stars got good at exactly the right time, given how deftly they've handled the Blues. Their fans' outraged reactions to people talking about how bad the Preds were in that series, though...

Other News & Notes

Hilary Knight happy to be the face of women's hockey in the United States | ESPN
Another week, another article about Hilary Knight (Finland was still robbed though). She was everywhere on the ice at Worlds; now she's everywhere off the ice--and speaking of how high her profile is right now...

Many women’s players looking to “create a better future” with holdout. Others aren’t on board | TheHockeyNews
If I were the NWHL, I would be nervous about how bluntly critical Knight is being.

Columbus Blue Jackets cannon blast a part of home ice advantage | Boston Herald
The article about the cannon is great and fun. The Boston Herald’s website is...not fun at all.

Cree hockey team wins national title | CBC News
"Sports team wins tournament for memory of beloved founder" is a familiar, archetypal kind of story. This team lost their beloved founder right before the tournament, though. Remarkable that they were able to--good for them.

NHL playoffs: The excitement of a Game 7 in hockey is unmatched |

Part II: Rethinking our playoff philosophy (on the role of chance in the postseason) | Statsbylopez
This is a year old, but still relevant in this postseason of chaos.

How former Bruins winger Willie O'Ree kept his vision impairment a secret from the NHL | CBC Radio
This is an incredible story. Like David Poile, Willie O'Ree lost the vision in one eye to a slapshot. Unlike Poile, O'Ree went on to play his entire professional career with seriously altered depth perception and peripheral vision. Just incredible.

Let's talk about Mitch Marner | The Faceoff Circle
A thorough and interesting read on the whole Mitch Marner situation, if you're not thoroughly burned out on Toronto Maple Leafs ... everything.

Widow of former NHLer Todd Ewen files lawsuit against league |
This is disturbing enough on its own, but the part where Gary Bettman allegedly lied about the medical evidence in order to downplay the role of hockey in Ewen's death (shocker, I know--Bettman, being slimy and underhanded?) is extra yikes.