Saturday's Dump & Chase: It's Game Night in Smashville!

Happy Saturday, everybody! I'm back from my West Coast Tour, and if you only listen to one thing I say, make it this: Don't ever, ever buy a hot dog from a street vendor in Tijuana. Even if they're 3 for $1. Since I've been away for a while, here's a couple of random observations

Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators' Shea Weber off to slow start again | The Tennessean

"When yoooou think a defenseman should lead the team in scoring, yooooooou might be a Predators fan." -Potential Jeff Foxworthy Predators joke.

Smashville 24/7 - Franson recalls trade from Nashville

He calls the GM "Mr. Poile". What a nice young man.

Taking More Close-Range Shots Key to Offense-Sun Belt Hockey

They can take them from (insert name of local landmark) for all I care. Just get a couple in the net.

Fisher: Hit on Franson Not a Penalty - The Predatorial

I agree.

Trotz continues to get the most out of Preds -


Around the Wide Wide Wide World of Hockey

Islanders’ captain John Tavares pulls out a tooth after taking puck to the face | ProHockeyTalk

Smart move. Less weight, more aerodynamic. He's gonna be that much more dangerous now.

On players’ opinion of fighting and whether it’s of any consequence (Trending Topics) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

I've always been a supporter of punching someone, but only when they really, really deserve it.

Joe Thornton would pull something out and stroke it if he scored 4 goals | Puck Drunk Love

Let's all hope he never accomplishes that feat.

@Strombone1 on Twitter: The Legend-The Hockey Writers


Racking up four points, Stars' Seguin officially initiated to Victory Green crew |

Man, if he didn't party so much, he could be a real player in this league.

This Red Wings fan is not happy the Coyotes scored -

Well, she lives in Detroit, so there's a pretty good chance she came to the arena in a bit of a down mood.

Flyers Name Sylvester Stallone Head Coach - Lighthouse Hockey

Now THAT would create some buzz.

19 Effortless Halloween Costumes For Lazy Male Sports Fans-Buzzfeed

Do you have a shirt? Then you have a costume.